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What kind of animation marketing should you choose?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Animation is the perfect marketing tool. It’s versatile, dynamic and engages audiences for longer than other content. In 2020, 92% of marketing professionals report that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. 88% of marketers say that video marketing gives them a positive return on their investment.

Source: Wyzowl State of Video Marketing Survey 2020.

Animation doesn't have the same limitations as videos recorded on camera. It's based on illustration so can be used to explain concepts visually, in a way that makes them easy to understand. Costs also tend to be lower as animators tend to work alone or in very small teams and location work is not usually required.

The versatility of animation means that almost anything is possible. So what are some of the options for using animated videos to promote your business?

1. Animated social media content tailored to your audience

Short videos on social media catch people's attention more than static images. It's a good idea to show your audience videos that they find entertaining or informative that don't come across as adverts. Just make sure your branding is included.

For example, this short animation for a language school in Madrid is aimed at students of English as a second language. It shows them a correction for an error that Spanish speakers often make. The audience enjoys seeing these videos in their social feed, they feel informed and begin to generate positive feelings for the school that publishes them. When they come to pay for classes, they are more likely to search for this language school or react positively to it when they see it in search results.

2. Animated GIFS

GIFS are low resolution, looped videos that are basically moving image files. Unlike videos they can be easily added to the body of emails and play instantly when the email is opened. GIFS have no sound.

This GIF for Food Huggers was made to send out to customers with the purchase confirmation email. It makes sure that the customer understands how to use the (amazing!) product correctly before it even arrives at their door.

3. Explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are ideal for showing your customers what you're all about or what your product can do. They are used on social media channels but also on websites or in presentations.

Complicated concepts can be explained simply and quickly through words and moving image. This is one of the most commonly requested kinds of animated marketing video.

4. Social media campaigns

Sometimes you need a video which communicates a message directly to your target audience. Animated videos on social media channels are perfect for this.

This video for BGI was made for LinkedIn, an under utilised option for video marketing. The animation is fast and dynamic in order to catch the viewer's attention. All the text appears on screen rather than as a voiceover, this is important as often people view social media videos as part of a feed where the sound is turned off.

It goes without saying that these days the majority of videos are viewed on mobile rather than desktop screens so it's important that marketing videos are adapted for this format.


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