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Case Study: Animated Gifs for Food Huggers

Animated gifs are a great marketing tool. They can be inserted into emails so that the recipient sees your video without even needing to click play. I've recently been collaborating with Food Huggers on 3 different gifs for 3 different eco products:

Food Huggers gif explainer

1. Food Huggers Explained

The objective of the first animation was to show consumers exactly how Food Huggers work. The animation is sent in the confirmation email that customers receive when they make a purchase.

The video underlines the simplicity of the product and makes sure customers know exactly how their Food Huggers work before they arrive.

2. Bowl Lids Explained

Food Huggers Bowl Lids flex to fit the bowls you already own. This gif makes that crystal clear to customers so there's no confusion once the product arrives.

If customers see a strong explanation of the product they are also more likely to add it to the shopping cart.

3. Hugger Bags Made Simple

This gif clearly shows how Hugger Bags should be sealed so that your food stays safely inside while you're on the move.

Like all the gifs, there's also an mp4 version which uses sound effects to emphasise how the product works.


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