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Animated Email Signature FAQs

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Email is vital to business. A beautifully designed, animated email signature is your chance to instantly attract the attention of every recipient and show exactly who you are. A plain, static signature is a missed opportunity.

Why Do You Need One?

A static email signature is fine, but it’s also all but invisible to the recipient. If you only want to identify your name and job title, leave it static. If you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure your email is read and increase the likelihood of a reply, consider an animated signature. There’s a reason why big brands like Nike and ASOS are using animated GIFs in their email campaigns. Movement attracts attention and attention leads to a response.

What Are the Options?

An animated signature can be adapted to suit your specific needs. What do you most want to highlight to your recipient?

These are just some of the options:

  • Reinforce your brand with a logo and slogan.

  • Impress potential clients with the most prestigious award you’ve won.

  • Make your communication more personal with a photo of each member of the team.

  • Take your recipient straight to your website or online shop with an animated clickable link.

Is It Worth the Cost?

An animated signature offers excellent return on investment. A signature for one person costs just £400. Once you receive the animation, it belongs to you. It can be sent an infinite number of times, to an infinite number of recipients, with no further costs.

How Long Will It Take?

The turnaround time for an animated signature is just 7 days. We’ll schedule a call to discuss what you would like your signature to look like and how it will fit in with your existing branding. Once you give me the go-ahead, I’ll get to work animating and send you the first version by email. You then get the opportunity to ask for any revisions before the final animation is sent.

For multiple signatures, the turnaround time increases to 21 days with revisions based on one template signature.

Does Animation Work In Email?

Animation will load in emails as long as it is optimised for email use. GIF support has increased massively in recent years and almost all email services support animation. We make sure that every single animated GIF signature file is the ideal size so that it loads quickly and smoothly.

Can I Get More Than One?

It makes sense for everyone in your company to have the same email signature, personalised for each team member.

  • For up to 6 names the price is £600.

  • For 7–12 names the price is £850.

  • For 13–20 names, the price is £1200.

That’s £60 per signature for a team of 20 people. Each signature can be sent an infinite number of times, to an infinite number of people, with no further costs.

To find out more or to commission your own bespoke signature, click here.


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